Robert Chen Meets Victoria State Director of Immigration Department


A meeting was held between MIA and Ms. Amanda Paxton, the Victoria State director of DIBP on 11 February 2015.  The meeting was attended by Ms. Angela Chan, National president and  Kevin Lane, COO and Mr. Robert Chen  Victoria State President. 
Ms Paxton welcomed the visitors and reaffirmed MIA as one of the important stake holders of DIBP.  At the meeting, Mr. Robert Chen briefed Ms Paxton on the details of a program, run by MIA Victoria Committee, called  MIA members support session.  Ms Paxton is supportive of this initiative and suggested Robert Chen keep in touch with the newly appointed Stake Holder Relationship Manager to discuss the topics which are of interest to members.  
Mr. Robert Chen also expressed his concern that many international students' visas were recently cancelled or are facing cancellation on the ground that the student breached condition 8516.  Mr. Chen's concern is that some cancellation decisions may be too harsh, too heavy handed.  Many students changed course due to being misled by some education agents.  Some of them may have made innocent mistakes due to lack of understanding of their visa conditions.   Many of them genuinely wish to pursue their education in Australia. Ms Paxton asked Mr. Chen to arrange a meeting with Mr. Nigel Muir, Deputy Global Manager Operational Integrity to raise this concern as it fall in his area of responsibility.  At the end of the meeting, Ms Paxton thanked MIA for advancing the professionalism of immigration advisory profession.

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