Breaking news, Accounting remains on SOL


Immigration has announced that no existing occupations including accounting is being removed from the SOL effective from 1 July.


It is great relief for many people who have been concerned that Accounting may be removed from SOL. They have been anxiously waiting for months and finally could relax at least for now.


A myth among business students is that only students studying accounting major could pass Accounting skill assessment. It could not be further from truth. The most hidden secret is Accounting skill assessment bodies actually do not require accounting major. All they require are 9 accounting subject areas which include some subjects which do not appear to be accounting subjects including Business Finance, Macro and Micro Economics, Quantitative Methods, Business Law, Company Law, Business Information system. 


VisaMaster has been for years helping non-accounting students pass accounting skill assessment and get permanent residency. If you are studying non accounting Bachelor of business, you are actually closer to passing accounting skill assessment than you think.  It is VisaMaster's experience that you are only 3 to 4 subjects different.away.  That means you could make up the difference by studying extra subjects either as elective or if you have completed your Bachelor study, you could study in another colleges which offer much cheaper alternatives than expensive university subjects.


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact VisaMaster by email: or call 1800 my VISA.

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