Think DIY, Think STOP


As an immigration adviser with over 13 years of experience, I am often saddened to see how so many people have sabotaged their otherwise excellent chance of success as a result of DIYing their immigration applications. For some, we could help them lodge an appeal to Migration Review Tribunal and get their case back on track. For many others, there is nothing we could do as the damage is irreversible.  This all happens too often that I feel a duty to sound this alarm  of warning by telling you one of the too many stories that I have come across during my interview with many thousands of clients.


I interviewed a client last week whose subclass 485 visa application was refused because he did not provide Australian Federal Police check at the time of lodgment.  This client lodged his case himself as suggested by some of his mates.  While he was completing the application form online, one question asks whether he had requested for Australian Federal Police check in previous 12 months, he answered no. But the system allowed him to continue and he submitted the application online without receiving any warning.


Then several weeks after his application was lodged, one case officer called him asking him to confirm whether he has done AFP check. He said no.  Then sever months later, he received an email from Immigration asking him to provide evidence that he had arranged for an AFP check before lodging his visa application.  He then started applying for an AFP check and provided the AFP report 2 weeks later.  


One week later, he received a decision letter from Immigration advising his 485 visa application was refused as the law requires he must have arranged for Federal Police check before the time of lodgment of his visa application.  


He came to see me inquiring whether he could appeal the decision to Migration Review Tribunal.  I told him he is eligible to lodge the application.  However there is no chance of success.  By then he was very regretful that he had not sought professional help in the first place.


He even complained that Immigration Department has tricked him as the computer system should not have allowed him to go ahead  with the lodgement if he did not meet all the requirements.  I explained to him that Immigration’s system only check whether an  application has been validly lodge.  Even if you have lodged a valid application, it does not mean your application will be approved.  It is his responsibility to ensure he meets all the requirements.


If he had sought professional help from VisaMaster, this problem would have been avoided. I asked him why he has not used a registered migration agent.  He said he thought his case was not complicated and he could handle it himself.  


Personally, I do not see the logic behind it.  They could spent tens of thousands dollars on their education to get their degree and would not spend a few hundred dollars on their immigration cases.


Below are some of the excuses I often hear people use not using an immigration adviser:


  • My English is very good.  I do not need help.


Immigration cases are related to Immigration law and have nothing to do how good your English is.  Claiming good English could help, you are fooling yourself.

  • My friends have done their own applications and are successful. So I should be OK too.

Wrong.  Simply other people have been successful does not mean your case will be successful as well.  Everyone's application is different. Generally speaking, those who handle their own immigration applications have much higher rate of failure.  You probably only do one case in your life time. I as a professional immigration adviser have over 13 years of experience and have handled thousands of applications.  Our rich experience could help you avoid the snares on your road to an immigration visa.

  • My case looks simple.  Just complete forms and provide the documents asked.

Wrong.  Immigration applications are much more than filing forms.  It is more about researching the law and putting forward a persuasive argument to Immigration Department. Preparing an immigration application is a very technical job which required advanced understanding of immigration law.

  • I could try it myself. If I stuff it up myself, I will then go for professional help.

This is very silly. Why take crooked roads while there is a direct road?  Often you do not have 2nd chance. Once the case fails, you will forever lose your opportunity.

  • Seeking immigration help costs money.  I cannot afford to it.

Well, Everything costs money. But my question to you is:  Can you afford to fail?  At VisaMaster our price is very competitive.  We charge on a fixed fee basis. So there will be no surprise. Our service is also backed by our best price guarantee.  If you could find a better written quote, we will beat it by 10%.
Still think DIY?  Think STOP.  Pick up your phone and call VisaMaster now.   1800 MY VISA.


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