Certain categories of family visas will be ceasing


Department of Immigration has confirmed that applications for Non-contributory Parent, Remaining Relative, Carer and Aged Dependant visas will be ceasing.
DIBP has also advised that this will happen in the very near future, but the date is as yet specified.
This closure will have no retrospective implications.
It is therefore vital that any applications for these four visas be lodged immediately.
Non- contributory parent visas (subclass 103)  are for those who wish to sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia without paying the over 40K contribution to the government; 
The remaining relative visa (subclass 115/835) is a permanent visa for those who have no other near relatives in their home country other than those residing in Australia.
The Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 114/838) is a permanent visa that allows some older people who meet age requirements to migrate to Australia if they rely on an eligible relative in Australia to provide financial support.
A Carer visa (subclass 116/836) is a permanent visa for people who want to live in Australia to provide substantial and continuing care or assistance for a relative who either:

  • has a long-term medical condition that means they cannot look after themselves in practical aspects of daily life, or
  • needs permanent or long-term practical support to help them care for a member of their family in their household with such a medical condition.

If you think you may be eligible to apply for one of these types of visas, please contact VisaMaster NOW.

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